Resources for Parents and Families

Online Educational and Leisure Resources Virtual Field Trips

Tarheel Reader: Accessible e-books on a variety of topics

Illinois School Closure Kit: Visuals, social stories, and other things that may be helpful

General Educational: Scholastic: Free for families without a login right now

Science: Mystery Science – Parents can sign up for a free weekly mini-lesson to do at home

Math: Prodigy – Math Games – can set up free parent account

New England Aquarium Virtual Visit

DIY Fine Motor/Visual Motor Activities for at Home

Learning Without Tears (free for 90 days)

Mindfulness, Calming, and Relaxation Mindfulness, Calming, and Relaxation Videos
Educational and Leisure Documents and Worksheets ColoringCrafts and Activties

Math Worksheets

Word Searches

Calendar Groups AAC Calendar Group

Calendar Group

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy Videos
Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Videos
Vocational and Life Skills Life Skills Videos
Speech and Language Materials Speech and Language Resources
Physical Fitness, Yoga, Etc NLG Yoga Videos

NLG Exercise Videos

Stop, Breathe, Think

Go Noodle

Cosmic Kids

Special Olympics Fitness Cards

Down Dog Yoga App

Yoga for Autism

Resources for Talking to Children and Members about Coronavirus
Brainpop Story about Coronavirus (animated)

Social Story with Drawings about Coronavirus

Social Story about Coronavirus (more complex)

Social Story: My Corona Virus Story

Health, Safety, Wellness Resources for Families
Webinar on Parenting Strategies and Coping with Coronavirus

Behavioral Health Crisis Emergency Services Program Info

Practical Steps for Responding Effectively to the Corona Crisis Using the Principles of ACT

Living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty

Supporting Individuals with Autism through Uncertain Times

Symptom Checker, Check Your Symptoms in Real Time | Buoy

Child Mind Institute: Supporting Families During COVID-19

Additional Resources

ABADESK: Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic… with Children

Helpful Resources for Students and Families (Google Doc with a wide variety of additional resources)


10 Positive Updates on the COVID-19 Outbreaks From Around the World

Special Needs Parenting in the Age of Pandemic